Japanese Whisky

For a non-regular whisky drinker, the difference between Japanese and other whiskies might not be obvious, though typically, they are slightly lighter. But even if you’re an advanced whisky drinker, it wouldn’t go amiss to explore the unique world of Japanese whisky.

The main feature of the Japanese whisky business is the smattering of small companies that make whiskies on the side and sell them locally. The Japanese call these bottles “ji-whisky” (meaning local whisky.) They tend not to be comparable to the larger makers in quality but can nevertheless be charming in their own right.

Kura 8 Y.O. Single Malt

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An extremely delicious Okinawa single malt that was matured for 8 years in the finest American White Oak casks available. The results are an intriguing and complex expression that offers a lot for such a young whisky. Like all Kura expressions, it’s well worth getting your hands on.

Silver Medal at CATHAY PACIFIC Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017 in tasting category

  • ABV: 40%
  • Volume: 720mL
  • Tasting Notes:
    o Nose: Toasted oak and a touch of moss, creamy lemon and soft malt, caramel
    o Palate: Brown sugar, burnt oak again (now with a touch of earthiness to it), lime marmalade.
    o Finish: Rye bread and a touch of bitter grape, spicy, dry
    o Age: 8 years