Armenian Brandy

If you’re a fine cognac lover, you shouldn’t miss out on Armenian brandy! We are bringing to you the finest brandies of Armenia – NOY and Kremlin Award. They are produced at the famous distillery in Armenia, found in 1877 in Yerevan. Like the French, Armenian Brandies are double distilled and matured in oak casks. Back in 1900 French masters even allowed to call it cognac. However, NOY and Kremlin Award are made from indigenous Armenian grapes, so they are genuinely unique spirits, darker in colour, with a rich and spicy taste you’ll never forget. Each bottle is supplied in a souvenir box – perfect for any occasion!

NOY Araspel 5 y.o.

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Noy Araspel brandy is created using young brandy distillates. The main characteristics of this amber coloured brandy are harmony and purity of taste. Araspel brandy can be served as a digestive or over ice, as an aperitif.

Aroma: Hints of fruit and fresh wood, gently developing into shades of vanilla and cinnamon

Taste: A slightly sour tinge of blackcurrant with sweet and soft undertones, transforming into spiciness.

  • ABV: 40%
  • Volume: 700mL