Baltika Brewery is the second largest brewing company in Europe and the leader of the Russian beer market with over 38% market share. It is headquartered in St. Petersburg and owned by the Danish brewing company Carlsberg

Baltika 8 Wheat Beer

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The characteristic features of the Baltika 8 Wheat are thick dense foam, soft fruit aroma with spicy tinges and light sweetness.

Baltika 8 Wheat beer was developed and launched in production in 2001. This beer is made according to a special recipe using wheat malt. This brand is characterized by a thick dense foam, soft fruit aroma with spicy tinges and light sweetness due to its specific taste the Wheat was referred to the category of premium brands.

The recipe of the Baltika 8 is based on wheat malt. This beer is not filtered; therefore, it contains more protein and other biologically active substances useful for health. The Wheat beer is exported to 29 near and far-abroad countries.

The Wheat beer is one of the two kinds of Russian beer that were awarded the Brewing Oscar — the award of the Brewing Industry International Awards contest that has been annually held in Great Britain since 1886. Participating in the contest for the first time in 2004 Baltika Company was the only Russian producer to receive a bronze medal in the category of ”Special Beer” for the Baltika 8 Wheat. Apart from the quality and taste merits of the drinks the leading brewers evaluated ”the commercial significance of the beer quality.”

In 2008 the Baltika 8 received a bronze medal in the Wheat Beer Packaged category in the Australian International Beer Awards contest as well as the Golden Osiris in the Best Wheat Beer category in the professional tasting contest at the X Big Moscow Beer Festival.

  • ABV: 5.0%
  • 0.47 litre bottle
  • Nutritional value per 100g of beer:
    o Calories: 45kcal
    o Original gravity: 12%
    o Carbohydrates: not more than 4.0g
    o Ingredients: water, barley and wheat malt, hop